What is I4 and Why Choose Peakey Enterprise?

We provide services in support of big data processing, sensing, computer vision, machine learning, robotics and industrial connected devices and services.  High level components of Industry 4.0 include:

Smart Manufacturing:
High level of adaptability and rapid design changes, digital information technology and flexible technical workforce training.

Smart Factory:
Characteristics of a smart factory include visibility, connectivity and autonomy.  Smart factory systems can learn and adapt in near real time or real time, enabling flexibility that has not been available historically.

Lights Out Manufacturing:
The goal of lights out manufacturing is to complete all or portions of production without human intervention, thus without the need for lights.  Relatively few companies have achieved complete lights out manufacturing, but those who have can also turn off air conditioning and heating as well!

Industrial Internet of Things:
IIOT applies the well known concept of IOT sensors and data management in order to make improvements to productivity and effeciency.  IIOT can be combined with AI and machine learning to make real time decisions and adjustments to maximize high quality output.