Supply Chain Management Software Development Services

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the coordination of the flow of goods and services as it moves from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to consumer. SCM involves not only the physical product but the data that moves along with it (order status, payment information/schedules, etc.). SCM applications are closely related to and often reliant on the kind of information stored within ERP and sometimes CRM systems.

SCM software is often segmented into two components: planning and execution. Planning involves the development of demand forecasts, supply establishment, network planning, etc. to maintain a balance of supply and demand. Supply chain execution involves using the information generated through planning to guide production, storage, and movement of the physical product (warehouse management, transportation management, order management, etc.).  These systems work together towards the overall goals of revenue increase and inventory reduction.

Peakey professionals are ready to create a fully customized SCM system to fit the needs of your business for all steps in the supply chain process.

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